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A detailed discussion on Roof Leaking Solution

Jun 25


The roof could be damaged for a long time when your roof leaks just a tiny bit. Repairing leaks in your roof is important, since water issues don't go away and increase in severity with time. This is why you require the support of roofing specialists in Mississauga Ontario.

It is important to immediately repair leaks in a roof

A roof leak could lead to severe damage inside your house. Apart from aesthetic concerns water in your home may cause structural damage , or even a devastating roof failure.

Below are the possible effects of flooding your home through the roof.


  • Be sure to have the proper conditions to prevent the growth of mold and mildew

  • Wood will rot

  • Get soaked through your drywall

  • Your entire roof will fail

  • Water, Mold or Mildew

Wet, dark environments creates a environment that is a breeding ground for mildew and mold. Mold can be toxic, and it's an issue that you must address right away. You should inspect your attic for mildew or mold spots as well as the walls and ceilings of the principal living spaces. If you see this, it could be a sign that you need immediate roof leak repair.


The wood rot can be difficult to recognize, but when you can see it, there is a yellow or white and appears stringy or spongy. Wood can also turn darker brown or even break up due to rot.

Drywall water

Water soaking in drywall can be detected by looking for discoloration mildew, bulging paint, or general sliding. It could be the ceilings of your home, your walls or both. It is quite certain that if water leaks in and gets your drywall wet , it will occur once more if the roof gutter repair firm is not employed immediately.


Catastrophic Roof Failure From Water Incursion

Wood rot can lead to devastating roof damage. It's difficult to see, so look out for loose spots on your exterior and check the attic rafters. Wood that is rotten can cause the roof to fall and also compromise your home's structural integrity. Contact eavestrough repair near me for expert guidance and solution.


What can you do to tell if your roof is leaking?

It is crucial to watch for tell-tale signs of roof leaks inside and outside your house. Pay attention to:


  • Dark spots on ceilings or walls

  • Attic with spots in which sunlight shines through roof

  • A sagging appearance

  • Missing or broken shingles on the roof

  • Slow draining gutters , or clogged gutters

  • Install loose roofing material close to your home

  • Do not tear or wear out chimneys or roof vents

What happens if your roof leaks?

Water damage in your home can be difficult to pinpoint under the leak. Sometimes, you can trace the flow of water and identify the source of the leak but most of the time it's more complex than it appears. The roof could have multiple leaks, especially in the case of older roofs or those that have been damaged by storms, hail or severe weather.


Your best bet is to get in touch with us for an assessment. Cadillac Roofing can identify the origin of the leak and make complete roof leak repairs as needed.



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