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4 FAQ Concerning Architectural Shingles

May 17


If you're considering a roof replacement project there are various materials you can choose to put on your home. Architectural shingles are some of the most sought-after because they are more advanced sturdy, durable and stylish than traditional asphalt models. However, since they aren't as widely used, you might be unsure regarding them. Below are answers to some of these inquiries to assist you in making a decision.


What do you should be aware of about Architectural Shingles

Although architectural shingles look like traditional ones, they are made of a different base material. Asphalt varieties, like are made of recycled paper or fiberglass as a base. The shingles are combined with asphalt. They're durable but could be damaged by water. On the other hand architectural shingles utilize a strong fiberglass mat to form a base. Then, ceramic-coated particles are laid on top and covered with asphalt. This results in shingles that have a textured finish, which gives your roof more depth and visual appeal. That's not all. You will be impressed by the outstanding support you receive for roof repairs and replacement in south Dakota.

What are the advantages?

Architectural shingles last longer due to the fact that they're thicker than standard types. Because fiberglass's base is resistant to moisture, they are able to endure rain and snow with greater ease. They also weigh more and therefore strong wind is less likely to remove them from your home. These shingles are more sturdy and will look great when placed on your home. Because of the texture they impart on the roof, they're called "dimensional shingles". Furthermore, they are available in various colors, which allows you to customize the home's appearance.


Are they special?

There are many types of roofing shingles available, depending on what you need. If you live near trees, you might choose one that is impervious to the impact. This can protect your house should a tree falling. Alternatively, you can get shingles that have a reflective coating, which prevents the sun from transferring excessive heat into the house making it warmer. You can contact a roofing expert in Black Hawk SD to get more details.


Owens Corning is the world leader in architectural shingle technology. Teamwork Exteriors has been chosen as a preferred contractor by Owens Corning. Being a preferred contractor, we can offer lifetime warranties on your roof

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What do I need to prepare for the installation

The process of the installation of architectural shingles is similar to other roofing replacement projects, which means that the preparation process is similar. To begin, take down any items that hang on your walls , or on shelves mounted to the wall, since the vibrations of construction may take them away. Also, remove any furniture outside of your house so that your roofing contractors have access to the property. If you have items stored in your attic then cover them with sheets of tarps to ensure dust and debris don't fall on them while the contractors work.


Roof repair services in my area are readily available if you're seeking a replacement roof or installing architectural shingles.

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